yousafzais, the greate trible in pushtun has a greate role over ther has a greate name in history.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009


The Yūsufzai (also Youssofzay, Yousafzai, Esapzey, Yousufi, or Yūsufi) (Pashto: يوسفزی, Urdu: یوسف زئی) are one of the largest Pakhtoon tribes. The majority of the Yusufzai tribe reside in the North West Frontier Province and Provincially Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan, with some tribal Yususfzai have settled along the Afghan border. They are the predominant population in the districts of Swat, Mardan, Malakand, Swabi, Buner and Shangla. Still other Yusufzai colonies can be found in the inner city of Sialkot and Lahore where they have established themselves as landowners arriving in the 13th century. There is also a Yusufzai clan of Dehwar tribe of Brahui Baloch in Mastung.
The name Yusafzai originates from Yusaf who was the younger son of Manday along with his elder brother Omar. The latter died early and left behind his only son Mandanh. The descendents of Yusaf inhabit in Swat, Dir and Malakand while the descendents of Mandanh live in Swabi and Mardan.
Yusafzai speak the northern variant of "Pukhtu" with the hard "kh" replacing the softer "sh" of southern Pashtun tribes


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