yousafzais, the greate trible in pushtun has a greate role over ther has a greate name in history.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

sub tribes and families

mandah can be classified into the following sets:-
1) uthman khel(usman khel)
2) khazar
3) rajjar

The uthman khel can be further classified into
1) Abakhel:- they live in the areas of kunda, zeda, hund, and shah mansoor.
2) Umerkhel:- they iive in the areas of swabi, kala, dara and maneri.
the rohillas of india were from this family of mandarh. najib ud daula belonged to the village of swabi.
3) mir ahmed khel:- they live in the areas of marghuz, tandhkoi and salim khan.
4) bahzad khel:- they live in khalabat areas.
5) khudukhel:- they live in pinjtar, dagai, totalay, baja and bam khel.
in the same way rajjar can be classified as
1) manizai:- they live in dagay, turlanday, tarakai, purmulay and adina.
2) malakzai:- they live in yar hussain, sherdara, and yaqubi.
3) akozai:- they live in dhobian, sarra cheena and ismaila.
4) khizarzai:- they live in shewa, kalu khan and sherghund.
5) mamoodzai:- they live in nawey kaley, sheikh janan, asota and naranji

Mardan is inhabited largely by two sub-tribes of mandanh, Kamalzai and Amazai. Kamalzais are divided into two main branches, Masharanzai, with chief town Toru and Kashranzai, with chief town Mardan. Amazais are divided into two main branches, the Doulatzai and Ismialzai.